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About Us

Connecting Africa's agricultural industry

  • early feasibilty & risk analysis
  • agricultural business planning
  • operation and management
  • sustainability
  • Solutions for Africa

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Welcome to Afrilema

Growing Africa. Afrilema is an agricultural strategic partner in the development of agricultural projects covering the whole spectrum from cash crops through to livestock production, value adding and processing. Modern technologies and precision farming as well as practices supporting the mitigation of climate change are supported, without losing focus on realities of Africa. The group advises on all agricultural business planning matters from early technical feasibility and resource, yield and budgetary assessment through to risk mitigation, integration with end-use production and financing. Afrilema associates also operate and manage mass and purpose-developed projects including early cultivation, irrigation, human resource management, regulatory requirements, harvest and logistics.

Afrilema supports the green philosophy of sustainable agriculture, minimum tillage, renewable energy, development of subsistence farmers to commercial level, and in general a conservation outlook to preserve wetland, natural forests and soil conservation.

"Tickle the earth with a hoe and she will laugh with a harvest!"

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